Dr. Jason Itri and Lisa Goldstein

Wellness, Intimacy, and Healthy Aging

Lisa Goldstein from Magnolia Health and Jason Itri from Studio R Aesthetics will be hosting an educational session at the Center.

During this educational session, we will discuss the following:

  • What is aging?
  • What happens at the cellular level when the body ages?
  • What are hormones and how do they change as we age? 
  • What are the symptoms that men and women experience as hormones change?
  • Defining intimacy and barriers to intimacy
  • What is hormone replacement therapy and how can it help with intimacy? 
  • Innovative treatments including Plasma Rich Protein and Sound wave therapy 

Lisa Goldstein is a board certified nurse practitioner and health coach. She has spent her near  30 year career in a variety of settings, most recently in private practice with Zach Bush, MD at the MClinic in Charlottesville Va. Lisa created Magnolia Health to serve men and women through all stages and transitions in their lives, creating root-cause solutions for common disease states in order to improve human health. Lisa understands the profound interaction of all body systems and the impact this interconnectedness plays in the innate ability to heal. Her goal is to meet patients wherever they may be on their health journey, with the understanding everyone transitions through life differently. She strives to help establish a foundation for overall health, healing, resilience, and empowerment based on her comprehensive philosophy of using the principles of nature to guide the body towards a state of balance and harmony.

Jason Itri, MD, PhD, is a board certified physician who specializes in wellness practices that help patients look and feel their best. He offers a full range of treatments that involve hormone optimization, medical weight loss, peptides, hair restoration, and sexual rejuvenation. He began his own hormone replacement journey in his late 30's and now enjoys all the benefits of hormone optimization. He knows what it feels like to be low T and how important it is to treat this common condition. The treatments he offers have been clinically proven to improve health and quality of life.

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