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Dr. Jason Itri at Studio R Aesthetics in Charlottesville Virginia

Wellness and Healthy Aging

Dr. Jason Itri from Studio R Aesthetics will be hosting an educational session at the Center the first Friday of every month beginning in October 2023.

  • This will be a 10 part lecture series covering the following topics:

    1. Introduction: What factors contribute to wellness and healthy aging; (October)
    2. The Common Diseases: Obesity, Diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s disease; (November)
    3. Keys to Nutrition: What are the roles of sugar and processed carbs, fat, and protein in healthy aging; (December)
    4. Keys to exercise: What types of exercise support healthy aging; (January)
    5. The Impact of Stress on healthy aging; (February)
    6. Testing: What are the relevant lab tests and how do we interpret them; (March)
    7. Interventions: Diet and medications; (April)
    8. Interventions: Exercise; (May)
    9. Interventions: Hormones and supplements; (June)
    10. Conclusion: Putting it all together. (July)

Jason N. Itri, MD, PhD

  • Award-winning board-certified radiologist in active clinical practice as a general radiologist with subspecialty training in abdominal imaging (100% clinical)
  • Extensive experience teaching and supervising residents including several formal roles with the Accreditation Council of Graduate Medical Education
  • Presenter at numerous national and international medical conferences and educational forums

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