Kybella Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Kybella Non-Surgical Fat Reduction

Kybella, often referred to as the “Mini-Liposuction in a Syringe,” is a ground-breaking therapy that allows you to get rid of stubborn fat and double chins permanently!

Kybella is a non-surgical, FDA-approved treatment that uses Kybella’s unique formula to target persistent areas of fat in the body. Dr. Segura at Studio R Aesthetics uses a focused approach to fat reduction rather than the more conventional liposuction methods that other doctors may prescribe. Using this focused technique, she may precisely inject the remedy where you want the fat to disappear permanently! Kybella is perfect for those dissatisfied with love handles, back rolls, or even annoying underarm jiggles (ugh!).

Even after they have lost weight and done exercises, many people may still accumulate fat in their bodies. Before Kybella, patients previously had to endure painful and unpleasant procedures to get rid of difficult-to-remove fat. There’s a new, more straightforward approach to achieving the sloped profile you want with Kybella treatments. After only a few injections, this powerful solution can safely eliminate stubborn fat without the necessity of surgery or a recovery time.

Kybella destroys fat cells, making it possible to remove stubborn unwanted pockets of fat in specific regions of the body.

At Studio R Aesthetics, we offer:

Kybella for the Face

Kybella is useful for removing extra fat from the jawline and other facial areas. When used on the face, Kybella mimics liposuction procedures without surgery with minimal downtime.

Dr. Segura can use Kybella Face treatments to improve these areas:

  • Around the jawline
  • Jowls
  • Double-chin

Kybella for the Body

Kybella Body treatments are a non-surgical procedure that may be used to reduce double chins and other facial characteristics and body fat from different locations on the body.

  • Fat in the lower belly region
  • The lower areas and buttocks
  • Back fat and bra bulges
  • The armpit area
  • Inner knee area
  • Upper and lower cheek areas
  • Marionette lines

There’s no need to put off getting rid of stubborn unwanted fat any longer! Call Studio R Aesthetics to schedule a consultation or to book an appointment today.


Double Chin

Starting at $650

Inner Thighs

Starting at $650


Starting at $650

Muffin Top

Starting at $1300

Bra Bulge

Starting at $650

Belly Pouch

Starting at $650


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