Dr. Segura's Signature Sculptra Technique.


Sculptra is an injectable that boosts skin collagen production to restore the youthful plumpness of healthy skin and combat wrinkles and sagging. Unlike dermal fillers that enhance facial volume, this treatment stimulates collagen development in the body. As a result of an increase in collagen synthesis, it helps soften wrinkles and restore facial volume.

Collagen is a structural protein found in connective tissue that promotes healthy connective tissue. Its purpose is to maintain the skin firm, young, and smooth. As we, our body’s collagen production decreases, and wrinkles and drooping may begin to appear. Sculptra helps to reproduce collagen naturally and is the only form of a liquid facelift on the market today.

At Studio R Aesthetics, Dr. Segura uses Sculptra in many ways to help you look and feel your best!

Some of the benefits of using Sculptra aesthetic are:

  • Minimized appearance of skin imperfections.

  • Enhanced volume in volume-deficient areas of the face.

  • Reduced appearance of facial wrinkles.

  • More youthful appearance.

  • Minimal downtime.



Starting at $825


Starting at $825

Body Skin Tightening

Starting at $825

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