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Meet Our Founder and Physician

Dr. Brandy Segura​ Founder and Medical Director

Dr. Brandy Segura performs all of the aesthetic procedures for Studio R Aesthetics. She offers a full range of facial and body treatments that make you look and feel your best. She believes that physician-level care and a physician who listens to their patients defines the highest level of care in aesthetics. We have longer private consultations to ensure that patients have an opportunity to understand their procedure, explore alternative treatments, and have all of their questions answered without being rushed through a treatment.

During consultations, Dr. Segura creates a customized aesthetic plan for each patient that incorporates the highest technical skills and cutting-edge, innovative techniques.  It’s her mission to make her patients feel special, beautiful, and safe every time they visit. Her ultimate goal is to exceed your expectations so that you leave her office looking and feeling your best.

Dr. Segura also has a unique background in nutrition optimization, hormones, and bodybuilding. She has written multiple articles for,, and sports nutrition companies. She has been featured on as well as Muscle & Fitness Hers magazine and was dubbed “Transformation of the year” by in 2013. Now she is using her training, experience and artistic talents in helping patients look and feel their best.

Meet Our Founder and Physician

Dr. Jason Itri Founder and Practice Manager

Dr. Jason Itri is the practice manager and co-founder of Studio R Aesthetics. He is an award-winning physician who specializes in quality and patient-centered communication. Over the last 10 years in active practice as a physician, he has held several administrative roles in operations and quality and leadership roles with national organizations. He has received numerous awards for his work in quality and education and is a frequently invited presenter at national and international medical conferences. He is bringing extensive experience in quality and patient care to Studio R aesthetics to ensure all patients have the best experience and outcomes guided by best practices.

Itri SottoPelle

Studio R Aesthetics is a physician-run practice whose priority is to ensure that patients receive the best aesthetic results and outcomes that exceed their expectations. Aesthetic medicine is our passion and sole focus at Studio R Aesthetics.



Starting at $13

Neurotoxins are one of the most effective and recognized non-surgical wrinkle treatments available today.


Dermal fillers
Starting at $700

Dermal fillers are a rapid and non-surgical treatment that may make you appear years younger for a fraction of the cost of a traditional facelift.


Starting at $425

Micro-needling is a cosmetic treatment offered by Studio R Aesthetics, in which the skin is punctured with tiny, sterile needles.

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