Female eye with long eyelashes. Classic 1D, 2D eyelash extensions and light brown eyebrow close up. Eyelash extensions, lamination, biowave, microblading concept.


Our comprehensive services include brow wax, brow tweeze, brow tint, and brow lamination.

Brow tint acts like a blanket over the hair and provides a coating to the hair shaft, coating the top layers of the hair cuticle only. As the brow cuticle has a scale like finish this coating smooths out the finish, almost like buffing out the hair imperfections to give the appearance of a thicker, softer and smoother hair and eyebrow.

Brow lamination is treatment that involves perming your brow hairs. Instead of curls, like a traditional perm, you get straighter, upward-facing brow hairs that are secured in place. This brow treatment can help solve the appearance of bare patches, thinning eyebrows, and irregular hairs, as well as make thin eyebrows brows look much fuller and styled at all times.


Brow Lamination and Lash Lift Before and After by Michelle Morris LME in Charlottesville, Virginia


Brow Lamination: Enhancement service for your brows that lifts and smooths unruly brow hairs, creating a fuller more defined appearance that lasts for weeks. Brow shape with wax included. ( 50 minutes-$105) 

Brow Lamination & Tint: The ultimate enhancement service to elevate your brow game. First, lift and smooth unruly brow hairs with our signature lamination, second a tint shade is carefully selected to complement your hair color and skin tone, resulting in a fuller, more defined, pronounced brow appearance that lasts for weeks. Brow shape with wax included. (55 minutes-$130) 

Brow Tint: this service enhances your brows by carefully selecting a tint shade to complement your hair color and skin tone, creating a fuller more pronounced brow (10 minutes-$35)

Brow & Lip Wax: Bundle a brow and lip wax and save. (20 minutes, $35)  

Brazilian & Brow Wax: Bundle Brazilian and Brow waxes and save. Must be existing client or keep-up Brazilian *Not for 1st time Brazilians* (35 minutes, $85) 

Brow Treatments

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