Hair Restoration Program

Hair restoration PRF

Hair Restoration

Studio R Aesthetics has developed a comprehensive program for hair restoration that includes supplements shown in clinical trials to stimulate hair growth, topical prescription medications, oral medications, and PRP/PRF shots into the scalp that will give you the best possible results. 
Regrow Hair Now Plan:
  • Meet with Dr. Segura or Dr. Itri to discuss your hair loss concerns and goals
  • Create a customized plan together that incorporates the most effective treatments
  • Watch your hair grow back thicker over the next several months 
Are you tired of looking in the mirror and wondering where your hair went?

The images on the left show a patient who underwent 3 injections of PRP in the scalp with the pretreatment image on the top left, after the first treatment on the top right, after the second treatment on the bottom left, and after the third treatment on the bottom left. 

Our comprehesive hair restoration program

We offer the following treatments as part of our program:
  • Supplements by Nutrafol, an industry leader in hair restoration
  • Prescription topical medications that include finasteride, minoxidil, tretinoin, and fluocinonide - all of which can stimulate hair growth
  • Prescription oral medications such as Finasteride
  • Scalp injections with PRP

We use a variety of approaches to provide patient comfort during injections such as pronox and cold air, which allows us to provide over 100 injections into that scalp to accelerate hair growth!

Below is a female patient who underwent two PRP injections for hair growth with the pretreatment image on the left and posttreatment image on the right.



Consultation with a physician


PRP for Hair Restoration

$600 with discounted packages of 3 available


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