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Hair Restoration

Hair loss is progressive and chronic affecting at least 50% of women by age 50 and 40% of men by age 35, which progresses to up to 70% of people in later life. Because hair is an important part of our appearance, hair loss can cause significant psychological impact resulting in symptoms of depression and diminished quality of life, especially in women.  There are a number of intrinsic and extrinsic factors that contribute to hair loss including hormonal fluctuations, genetics, diet, oxidative damage and aging, and environmental aggressors such as ultraviolet light and pollutants. 

The good news is that there are a number of treatments that have been shown through clinical trials to significantly improve hair growth in men and women through a multi-targeted approach that addresses inflammation, stress, and oxidative damage. Studio R Aesthetics is proud to partner with Nutrafol to provide the best bio-optimized nutraceuticals available for hair restoration coupled with the healing power of your own body using growth factors that stimulate hair follicles and hair regrowth. 

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What causes thinning hair and hair loss?

Research now shows that hair loss is multi-factorial and the various hair loss disorders share many of the same causative factors:


  • Hormones: Dihydroxytestosterone is an androgen that is produced from testosterone in the scalp and can cause the hair follicle to shrink and eventually close entirely
  • Stress: Stress can cause hair follcies to shift from growth state to rest state, disrupt hormone and nutrient absorption, and impact the hair follicle on multiple levels
  • Lifestyle: Products we use and foods we eat can influence hair follicles by introducing toxin into your body and depleting antioxidant stores
  • Metabolism: Our metabolism provides the energy needed for hair growth and factors like aging, inflammation, and hormone imbalances can lead to poor metabolism, which negatively impacts hair cells
  • Nutrition: Key nutrients from the diet, including keratin, help build hair filbers, tecture and support hair follicle health. Without proper nutritient absorption, hair follicles don't get the nourishment they need
  • Aging: The scalp loses collagen and elastin as we age and this breakdown eliminates key components of the scalp that protect, hydrate, and replenish nutrients needed for hair growth - causing hair to become shorter, weaker, and less pigmented

How do I know if I am losing too much hair?

Hair loss can appear in many different ways:

  • Gradual thinning on the top of the head: this is the most common pattern of hair loss and typically affects people as they age. Hair recedes at the hairline on the forehead in men and women typically have a broadening of the part in their hair, although a receding hairline is becoming more common in women.
  • Sudden loosening of hair: a traumatic event that causes physical or emotional shock can cause hair to loosen. Handfuls of hair may come out when washing or combing hair. This type of hair loss is temporary. 
  • Full body hair loss: some conditions and medical treatments (e.g. chemotherapy) can cause hair loss all over the body and scalp and usually grows back.
  • Circular or patchy bald spots: Some people lose hair in a circular pattern or have patchy bald spots on the scalp, beard or eyebrows. The skin may become itchy or painful during this process. 

The Tug or Hair Pull Test can measure the severity of hair loss. A provider will grasp approximately 40 strands of hair between their thumb, index, and middle fingers as close to the scalp as possible. They will then tug using a small amount of force. If six or more strands fall out, you have active hair loss.

What is actually happening during the process of hair thinning and loss?

Chronic inflammation at the level of the hair follicle appears to be the common end point of all types of hair loss.

Within the local hair follicle environment, multiple cytokines, growth factors and transcription factors signal the follicle to go into anagen phase (growth phase) and play a role in regeneration and renewal. When there is inflammation, overproduced cytokines and transcription factors induce premature catagen phase (regression or cell death), produce reactive oxygen species that propagate inflammation, cause apoptosis (cell death), and result in perifollicular fibrosis (scarring) and miniaturization. 

External factors such as ultraviolet light, pollutants, toxins, stress, aging, and smoking also promote inflammation and oxidative stress, contributing to hair loss. 

Sustained and chronic stress increases cortisol levels, which leads to perifollicular inflammation and disruption of normal follicle function. 

Increased DHT activity at the hair follicle induces the overproduction of factors that signal catagen and regression, block transition to anagen, and induce oxidative stress that results in inflammation, perifollicular fibrosis, and miniaturization.

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Can supplements treat hair loss?

Based on the multi-factorial causes of hair loss, Nutrafol has created a novel nutraceutical supplement that strengthens and promotes the growth of hairs in men and women with thinning hair. The primary ingredients are:

Saw Palmetto lowers follicle-shrinking DHT hormone to promote hair growth without compromising sexual function, which can happen with the FDA-approved medication finasteride

Sensoril Ashwagandha is an adaptogen that helps balance stress hormones ion the body to support a healthy hair growth cycle

Tocotrienol Complex is a concentrated form of Vitamin E, a super antioxidant that fights against environmental stress to improve hair density

Curcumin is a superior antioxidant that addresses multiple root causes of hair thinning and is substantially more potent than turmeric alone

Piperin is a natural bioenhancer that increases the bioavailability of curcumin through better digestion and absorption

Marine Collagen Peptides provide the building blocks of strong hair fibers, while delivering hydration to the scalp

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Can growth factor injections treat hair loss?

A review of clinical trials evaluating the effectiveness of growth factor injections for hair restoration found that the majority of studies included in the review demonstrated effectiveness in promoting successful hair regrowth after 3-4 monthly sessions performed on a monthly basis. These studies demonstrated significant increases in hair count (density) and shaft caliber, as well as an increased number of hair follicles in telogen. Patient satisfaction was typically very high and 60-70% of patients continued to undergo quarterly maintenance treatments with growth factor injections.

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Are growth factor injections painful?

At Studio R Aesthetics, we ensure that our patients have access to treatments without fear of intolerable discomfort. We can use a Chiller device to blow cold air at -30 degrees on the treatment area, which desensitizes the nerve endings and reduces pain. We can also administer Pronox, which is a self-delivery nitrous oxide system that increases physical and emotional comfort for our patients. 

Are there any side effects after treatment with growth factor injections?

Growth factor injections are generally considered safe when performed by a trained physician. Because growth factors are drawn from your own blood, there is no chance of having any kind of reaction. Growth factor injections may not be appropriate for patients with bleeding disorders, autoimmune disease, active injection, or currently taking anticoagulant medication. There is a very small risk of infection. 

Below is a patient who underwent 3 injections of growth factor in the scalp with the pretreatment image on the top left and after the third treatment on the bottom right. 

Hair restoration PRF

Below is a female patient who underwent two growth factor injections for hair growth with the pretreatment image on the left and posttreatment image on the right.

Scalp PRP 2


strykr strykr
September 28, 2023

My name is Matt Street. I have been a client and patient with Studio R for well over a year. Over this time, I have used many of the services provided by Dr. Segura, and Dr. Itri. All of the services have been top-notch. Recently, I received a hydro-facial from Michelle. To say it was an amazing and invigorating experience would be an understatement. Michelle uses cutting edge technology to meticulously treat the face and neck area. I typically get about 3-4 facials a year and Michelle is, by far, the best to ever do it. Her expertise includes deep knowledge on how to maintain healthy skin. She provided me with many cost-effective options to continue to maintain a healthy skin routine. I highly recommend Michelle for all your facial needs. I will be exclusively using her services going forward. Thanks, Matt

Kim and Jim Mason
September 22, 2023

Jason and Brandi are the experts in promoting optimal health. They understand bioidentical hormone replacement inside and out!! If you're showing the signs of aging: tired, achy, lack of libido, etc. call them right now! They can help you get your vitality back!

Summer Layton
September 22, 2023

Dr. Segura is one of the kindest, most patient, and skilled physicians I have seen in all my years receiving fillers and Botox. I have not been happy in the past with the results of tox and fillers from others. Dr. Segura has made such a difference in how I feel. Definitely do not pay attention to the very few negative received as I can only assume they are from her competitors.

September 11, 2023

Dr. Segura exceeded all of my expectations from start to finish. I simply cannot recommend her enough for the most thorough, professional and impressive results.

Jillian Loughran
September 11, 2023

Dr. Segura and the team are so thorough. She took her time explaining every option and providing a breakdown of cost, time, healing, etc. Will definitely come again.

Tiarra Young
September 11, 2023

I had a facial done by Michelle she done fantastic. And I had botex by Dr segura very informative and gentle. Definitely will be a repeat customer!!!

Robert Hicks
September 5, 2023

Outstanding service. It was my first time doing this and Michelle was great! She answered all my questions and I learned a lot during the sugaring!

Zeljka Peric Zorc
September 4, 2023

My eyebrows have never looked as good as when Michelle does it! She listens and does exactly what you want!

Terrie Wood
August 29, 2023

I have been a client here for over a year now. I recall my first visit with Dr. Segura and how nervous and intimidated I was. Not for long though! Her quiet, calm and confident manner set me at ease and assured me that I was at the right place and in the right hands. The professional team at Studio R are so friendly and customer focused. I’m not even sure how I came to find them but I am certainly glad I did!!

Mackenzie Fredricks
August 26, 2023

Dr. Segura was so kind and informative. She took her time to explain everything to me and even made some recommendations based on my goals.

Shannon Beasley
August 26, 2023

Michele is a very talented aesthetician who has taken a great deal of time educating me about all of the options that align with my skin care goals for aging and sensitive skin. She is incredibly skilled and adjusts the methods she uses based on what works. She’s top notch; can’t recommend enough.

Dana Warby
August 26, 2023

Beautiful studio, lots of great services!

Erika Chicas
August 25, 2023

Love this place and there snacks! Michelle is absolutely the best waxer ever! She has been waxing me for years and always leaves me with amazing results. (:

Charlot Claudon
August 22, 2023

I recently had the RHA filler procedure done by Dr Brandy Segura. I had my lips, corners of my mouth and chin area worked on. I was numbed up before the procedure, which made it very comfortable. The procedure went very well,and I was very pleased with the filler used. It’s been three weeks now and I am very pleased with the end results.

Leah Michelle
August 11, 2023

I love the space and the staff! Michelle does my facials lashes and brows. I absolutely enjoy my time with Studio R!

Meredith Farmer
August 9, 2023

I decided to make a Brazilian waxing appointment at Studio R Aesthetics after a friend highly suggested them to me. I was not disappointed. The area is posh, welcoming, and luxurious. Michelle was patient with me as I asked questions and made sure I felt at ease during the wax. She was conversational enough to where I felt less tense, but not so much that I felt like I couldn’t enjoy the experience. I could tell she was very knowledgeable and she gave me a detailed 101 in sugaring vs. waxing. I’ve only dipped my toe into one small area of services here… they have so many more to offer! I’ll definitely be back!

Lindsey Tennyson
August 7, 2023

What a tranquil environment! Walking into a very calm and clean reception area I was greeted almost immediately and taken back for my appointment fairly quickly. Michelle provided my services of a hydrofacial and waxing. Michelle was very professional and continued to educate me throughout the entire process. I learned so much about my skin and not only was rejuvenated but relaxed and at times, dozed off. I would highly recommend Studio R for any needs. All staff I came in contact with were friendly and beyond helpful.

Sarah Snyder
August 3, 2023

I just recently moved (to Lynchburg) and was looking for an injector in a reasonable distance. I found Dr. Segura and loved the fact that she prefers to do the injecting work herself! I had Botox and fillers and when I asked about fillers she was very honest with me about what would help and make me happy. She didn’t try to sell me on more filler even when I thought it’s what I wanted! She was thorough, kind, and extremely gentle. And I’m obsessed with the results! Easily the best experience I’ve had! 10/10

Janna P
August 3, 2023

Dr. Segura is fantastic. She has a wide range of minimally invasive options and during my initial consultation discussed the pros and cons of the treatments. I’ve had 2 of the 3 CoolPeel treatments that I purchased and I’m so happy with the results so far.

Alexis Hamilton
August 2, 2023

If I could give 10 stars I totally would! For starters this office is GORGEOUS with an amazing vibe and quality music if I might add. Most importantly, Dr. Segura is AMAZING. Not only is she super kind and walks you through every step, but she listens to you and what YOU want and that is super important. I am OBSESSED with my lips and I plan to return for filler and other services in the future. You can tell Dr. Segura knows what she's doing & I love that 👏 The front desk staff were also super kind and did I mention, the office is BEAUTIFUL 🤩 I 100% recommend. If you're on the fence, do it! You won't regret it.

August 1, 2023

Very thorough explanation of services and offerings, allowing the patient to come to an informed, personal decision as to their treatment. Excellent.

Rose Vielandi
July 31, 2023

Dr Segura was extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

Every aspect of my experience at Studio R was amazing! The studio is incredibly clean and gorgeous - creating a relaxing, luxurious experience. All the staff are friendly, accommodating, and professional. My Botox and filler consultation with Dr. Segura was extremely informative and honest. This was my first time getting Botox/filler so she walked me through the basics, what to expect, pricing, areas of my face to prioritize over others, etc. She spelled everything out for me so there were no surprises! My Botox/filler combo appointment went extremely well. She made sure I was comfortable the entire time by checking in frequently. To her credit, it was a lot less painful than I anticipated due to the numbing cream and distraction device/methods she uses. It’s been a week since my appointment and I am SO happy with my results! She reduced my “gummy” smile with lip filler and also reduced TMJ related pain I was having with Botox. Studio R is a 1000 / 10!

Lee Talbott
July 20, 2023

I am 75 years old and never thought it's possible to have that younger look. With the pleasant attention and treatment, I have received from the qualified staff, at Studio. R Aesthetics, It is possible. I am a happier 75-year-old and younger looking than before.

Noman Vohra
July 18, 2023

My visit to studio R Aesthetics was great very clean environment and friendly staff. I went in for a chemical peel for my melasma and hyperpigmentation. Physician Michelle Morris took her time listening and explain me that it’s better if I wait not to get a chemical peel since I have rosacea. I like her honesty that she was worry about my skin rather than doing some procedure that I don’t need. So she recommended a facial which I really liked my skin felt much smoother and brighter main thing my rosacea did not flair up either after the procedure. All there products are great at the clinic she suggested to get some daily power defense moisturizer by zo which works great on my skin. I would Definitely recommend studio R.

Mitchell Hubbard
July 18, 2023

I had my eyebrows tinted and shaped by Michelle. It was my first time having my eye brows professionally shaped and I was nervous. Michelle was wonderful and spend an hour and 20 minutes with me. I was so impressed and will make this a monthly part of my self care routine now.

July 2, 2023

I love how upscale and comforting this salon feels. Every team member I've worked with has been very happy to help me as well.

Rebecca Leonard
June 24, 2023

Fabulous relaxing and restorative facial tailored just for my needed.

Laquisha Taylor
June 17, 2023

The BEST in Charlottesville for lip filler and lash extensions! Dr. Segura and Michelle are so amazing to work with and my results are always perfection. I recommend Studio R to all of my friends and family.

Claudia Gutierrez
June 17, 2023

I met with Dr. Segura to learn more about semglutide. The entire experience was lovely, their receptionist was super friendly and the office is beautiful. Dr. Segura was very informative and thorough.

chelsea schafer
June 17, 2023

I love coming here! I’ve been coming here for the past year for a variety of things and have always had a positive experience.

Lauren Girouard
June 17, 2023

Always a great experience at Studio R. Aesthetics!

Jenny X
June 16, 2023

Dr. Segura is the best! She is very patient explaining all procedures to me carefully and thoroughly, and her results are terrific. I am often nervous before procedures and she is supportive of an incremental approach. Highly recommend.

Tianna brown
June 15, 2023

Such an awesome staff!! So sweet and informative. I’ll definitely be coming back!

June 12, 2023

Had a great experience at Studio R. Received a facial from Michelle who is an incredible aesthetician, and the front desk staff, Cat and Emily, were extremely friendly and courteous as well. 10/10 highly recommend!

Brittany Grooms
June 10, 2023

Studio R Aesthetics is amazing! Michelle has been my go to for my waxing needs for many years and I’m super happy to have found this wonderful place. It’s absolutely gorgeous and welcoming. And everyone is so sweet! I had a facial done today with Michelle and it was hands down the BEST facial ever. 5 stars isn’t enough, I would definitely recommend!!

Laurel Fortier
June 9, 2023

Amazing salon and very personable staff. Will absolutely return! Michelle was great and the sugaring process was as painless as possible!

I got a facial done by Ms. Morris a few weeks ago. I am trying to heal my skin more natural since i got off my prescriptions. She is absolutely fantastic! I am getting facials done until she says i can get a chemical peel to help with my acne. So excited for it. Even if you don't have skin issues, treat yourself! It is worth it. I wish i could afford to go every week haha i totally would. Edit: not sure if she is "dr or md" but she's a licensed esthetician 🙂

Kyleigh Falls
May 29, 2023

Very thorough and informative! The best!!

Theresa Guiff
May 26, 2023


Cory Trese
May 26, 2023

Excellent source for peptide treatments in Charlottesville.

Katie Martin
May 22, 2023

I love it here! I was new to the area and needed someone I can trust with all of my aesthetic needs. I had been to another medspa and wasn't quite impressed. So I scheduled a Botox appointment with Dr. Segura and after discussing my concerns I decided to go with Xeomin instead. Dr. Segura was so gentle and made sure I was comfortable the whole time. My comfort mattered to her! I've never experienced that before. She was so amazing that I decided to schedule an appointment with Michelle. I received a HydraFacial and brow wax and was blown away with how meticulous she is. I'm looking forward to my next visit!

Kourtney Dudley
May 20, 2023

August 2023 I am so glad I found this place. Sollepelle has relieved all of my symptoms. I have not felt this great in years. Last week, some of my symptoms returned as I am likely ready for new pellets. Dr. Itri responded to my email within minutes and had my lab orders at the lab soon thereafter. It is absolutely the best service I have received in a very long time! Get your hormones checked! It’s life changing. May 2023 I started Sollepelle in May as the compound drug prescribed by my doctor made me feel worse. I continue to feel great. I’m so thankful I found this practice.

Carrie Hodgkins
May 16, 2023

Thrilled Michelle has joined this MedSpa, she’s a lash magician.

May 12, 2023

Studio R Aesthetics is amazing! I get my lash extensions done by Michelle and she is so wonderful. The extensions are beautiful and long lasting. Dr. Segura and staff are all so sweet and professional. The studio is beautiful and flawless as well!

martha thomas
May 11, 2023

I had been scheduling my facials with Michelle Morris at her previous place of employment, so was thrilled to “find” her at Studio R. There are many options in Charlottesville for facial treatments, but none I have found with Michelle’s passion for, and commitment to, continuing to educate herself in all things skin care. So glad she landed in such a wonderful environment- I thoroughly enjoyed my experience there and look forward to getting my daughter booked with her as well.

Heather Glass
May 8, 2023

Beautiful office and great service! I felt very comfortable and able to discuss treatment options to choose the best for me. Can’t wait to come back!

Margaret Haley
May 6, 2023

I have been coming here even when she was at the old location. The best work done and they ensure that you feel comfortable during any spa treatment.

Dr. Segura is simply amazing! She took all my worries and concerns into account and gave me honest feedback. Not to mention she does an incredible job! I have not felt this good about myself in many years! She gave me back confidence and I could not be more appreciative of her! The staff are amazing and treat you with such kindness! Fantastic place with remarkable results!

May 5, 2023

Amazingly awesome service—wonderful experience!!

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