Medical Grade Weight Loss – Charlottesville, Virginia Success Story

Weight loss success story at Studio R Aesthetics in Charlottesville Virginia

Joelle Keller – My Success Story with Tirzepatide and Medical Grade Weight Loss at Studio R Aesthetics in Charlottesville, Virginia

Weight loss success story at Studio R Aesthetics in Charlottesville VirginiaWeight loss success story at Studio R Aesthetics in Charlottesville Virginia


My name is Joelle Keller and this is my story of how I changed my life before I hit my 40th year.
I have always been an “athletic” body type. Growing up I was heavily involved in sports and horseback
riding. I never had to worry about my weight and was always muscular and in great shape. In my
twenties my metabolism was so fast that losing weight (if I gained it) was really easy and it would come
off with little effort. When I hit my thirties things significantly started to slow down despite my activity
level remaining high.

I moved to DC in my early thirties and gradually over the years my weight crept up. Food delivery was at
my fingertips and it was the easiest option after a long hard day at work. For years, I woke up every
morning saying “today is the day I lose the weight” and then I’d make a bad choice and the next day
would come and I’d say the same thing. I made many efforts over the years and mostly failed.
I was at the point where I was avoiding social situations because I hated the way I looked. I didn’t want
to go on vacations because I wasn’t comfortable doing long walks or other activities. I was avoiding
visiting old friends because I was embarrassed they’d be thinking “geez, look how heavy Joelle got”.
Bottom line, I was miserable. The final straw was when my dad came to visit. I hadn’t seen him in
nearly a decade and while it was a good visit, I was nervous what he thought and refused to take any
photos. He left and I thought “wow, I have no photos of these memories because of my weight”. That
was it. I didn’t want to waste anymore of my life and I vowed to not go into my 40th birthday (I had just
turned 39) feeling this way.

I started tracking calories and lost 50 pounds in around 5 months. For the last part of that weight loss I
started taking Tirzepatide with Dr. Itri in a weight loss challenge. I’ve lost 18 lbs in 10 weeks (which
included a little bit I had gained back from the initial 50).

I feel like a whole new person. I’m enjoying life again, taking photos (in fact I just did a photoshoot with
my horse a few weekends ago!) vacationing and feeling good. I went from a size 14, XXL to a size 6/8,
Medium. I started running again also after a multi year hiatus and ride my horse 4-5 days a week. Some
days I run and ride, which wouldn’t have even been possible a year ago!

My goal is to lose another 20-30 lbs to get back to my high school weight! Sounds crazy, but I think it’s
possible especially now with the assistance of Dr. Itri and Tirzepatide. I wish I had known about this
wonderful medication when I started.

The medication is NOT a miracle drug. You must put in the work and combine it with some sort of
tracking mechanism. It all comes down to calories in/calories out, but, with the medication it makes it
MUCH easier to not overeat and to stay on track.

Weight loss success story at Studio R Aesthetics in Charlottesville VirginiaStudio R Aesthetics | Aesthetic Medical Spa in Charlottesville, VA


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