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Matthew Street – My Experience with TRT, Semaglutide, and CJC 1295- Ipamorelin

Semglutide Patient - Before Photo Semglutide Patient - Before Photo

Semglutide Patient - Weight loss Success PhotoSemglutide Patient - Weight loss Success Photo


My name is Matthew Street, and below is my story of why I decided to regain control of my life and make quality changes to develop self-control and self-discipline. This blog is for you if you ever ask these questions:
– Do you wish you could get back in the gym?
– Do you want to lose the last 20 lbs and the gut?
– Why do you gain weight so quickly?
– Do you rely on caffeine too much?
– What happened to your libido?


When I turned 40, I became intensely aware of my mortality. I regularly reminisced about the golden age of my health, when I was in my 20s, in fantastic shape, working out all the time, and eating whatever I wanted. When I turned 40, I finally realized that my metabolism was not what it used to be. About a week before my 40th birthday, I took a long and critical look at myself, realizing that I needed to make substantial changes. I needed to incorporate self-discipline and self-control. So, I stopped the harmful vices that were affecting my life. When I stopped drinking, I thought that would be enough to lose the excess weight I gained over the years. After about 1.5 years, I was not seeing any progress in the gym. I had no energy, no libido, and no passion for life. All this time, I thought stopping my vices would be enough to allow me to enjoy the quality of life I witnessed in others. However, that was not the case. Finally, it was suggested that I get my testosterone levels checked.

At 42 years old, my testosterone levels were deficient. The doctor prescribed testosterone replacement treatment (TRT) and I began taking weekly testosterone cypionate injections. Over the next few weeks, I began to notice a renewed passion for life, my libido was returning, and my workouts were more meaningful in the gym. I just started to feel more like a confident person who knew what he wanted and was driven to get it. With these visible results, I threw myself into a fitness routine and finally made a significant shift to my worldview; I no longer went to the gym if my schedule allowed it, but I made fitness a part of my schedule. This significant milestone fostered substantive and healthy changes producing fruit with my family, career, and overall drive to succeed.  I continued to investigate ways to improve myself and learned about peptide therapy. I called around and found a clinic in Florida that provided CJC 1295 with Ipamorelin. This peptide is perfect for people in their 40s who wanted to stimulate more growth hormone production. I began in the winter of 2022 with the new year. Unlike testosterone, the peptides are a slower process, but after several weeks, I noticed deep and quality sleep like I had not had in decades. I woke up feeling refreshed and was able to cut back on my caffeine consumption drastically. With some attention to my diet and regular exercises, the testosterone with the peptides allowed me to see some quality changes in my physique and overall fitness levels.

The peptides were working, but I did not like the online clinic route and reached out to Dr. Itri at Studio R Aesthetics. Working with Dr. Itri, I was able to continue to get the peptides locally (for cheaper) and have the communication with a doctor in person. I felt supported 100%. Testosterone and peptides are not miracle drugs. If you are not making healthy diet choices, you will gain weight. While I had made considerable gains with muscle growth and density, I had kept my eating habits the same. One day, I weighed 214 lbs at 39, so I knew I had to do something. By this time, I had developed a relationship with Dr. Itri and knew he had tried Semaglutide and had lost considerable weight. So, I started the 10-week Semaglutide program.  When I started the program, I decided to invest wholeheartedly. I learned about macro and micro nutrients, how to eat well, when, and what to eat. Over ten weeks, I lost about 22 lbs. I regularly checked in with Dr. Itri to see if my weight loss was too drastic, and I continuously measured my strength in the gym as a metric for loss. Semaglutide is a miracle drug. It removed the food cravings, reached satiety faster, and did not make me feel weird like other fat loss supplements.


Deep down, I wanted to be self-disciplined. I looked back at my life when I made the most strides, and my well-being was at its highest. I remembered my choices during those times and desperately wanted to regain self-discipline. From someone who spent years powerlifting and weight training, I had turned into someone who hated to go to the gym. I lost all my passion for weight training and fitness. My goal was to make fitness an integral part of my life, not just something I did if there was time left. I had to start from the beginning. With the help of books like The Achievement Habit (Bernard Roth) and Atomic Habits (James Clear), I began the quest to take back control of my life. I was tired of being driven by impulse and desire and wanted self-control and self-discipline. So, I started going to the gym, and eventually, over time, I made high-quality changes in my life that have positively affected me and how I see myself and my interactions with others.


I was motivated to change because I remembered how I used to be and longed for that self-control again. Also, I did not want to be one of these people that are too out of shape to make changes. I refused to give up on myself. I knew that if I could remain consistent and do my best, I could expect changes. First, the TRT allowed me to see results and reignited my passion for life. These developments fostered interest and motivation to try CJC 1295 with Ipamorelin, leading me to Studio R Aesthetics and a fantastic relationship with Dr. Itri. After seeing his success on Semaglutide, it was a no-brainer. I had to try it. I am in the best shape of my life and remain motivated to make healthy choices to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


The diet made all the difference. Semaglutide played a massive factor in helping me stick to a diet. It was a learning experience for me. For years, I put off meal preps and looked at calories because I thought it would be too difficult. For the first time, I decided to log my food to calculate my calories. Granted, this was a first for me, so I needed to give myself some leniency to make some errors along the way. For the first three weeks of Semaglutide, I logged down precisely what I ate and when to get the exact calorie, carb, and protein numbers. Writing down what I was eating went a long way in helping me know that I was getting enough nutrients not lose muscle and optimize fat loss. I wrote it down less as I got more comfortable with what I was eating and when. I wanted to make a more significant stride at about ten weeks, so I contacted Dr. Itri at Studio R Aesthetics about a diet. He shared a super easy meal prep plan that had worked. So, I prepared chicken or fish with broccoli or asparagus for about a week. The progress was remarkable. And I proved to myself that I can be a responsible eater and continue to make healthy choices in the long term. While I no longer follow the strict meal plan for every meal, I make several meals at a time during the week to ensure I have healthy choices when I get hungry.


You may be surprised to hear this, but I lost over 20 lbs and did not run on the treadmill, jog outside, or do any other traditional cardiovascular exercise. Instead, I maintained my high-paced circuit training exercises routine where I typically incorporate two muscle groups per training, a push and pull muscle together. I do these exercises in super-sets with minimal rests between sets.
(60 seconds or less).
–  Day 1: Chest and back
–  Day 2: Biceps and Triceps
–  Day 3: Legs
–  Day 4: Shoulders and Abs
– Day 5: Rest


My main goal was to lose enough weight where I looked and felt good. In my job, I have to stand up and present to many people; how I look plays a big part in how I feel. My starting weight was 214, so I wanted to get to 190 lbs. Over the first few weeks, I began to see results. When I hit 10 lbs down, I was ecstatic. In the back of my mind, I wanted to prove that I could have the body I had when I was 21 years old. In conversation, I quickly learned that many people thought that was impossible. However, I saw it as a challenge. The more weight I lost, the more disciplined I became. Quickly, people at the gym and others I encounter from time to time commented that I looked great and I was losing weight. Now, I feel great with my shirt off, look great, and have tremendous energy. Another plus is that semaglutide enabled me to change my eating habits in the long term.

Realized Goals 

I realize it was always up to me to enact change. However, Dr. Itri with Studio R Aesthetics helped me recognize and maintain my health and fitness goals. If you want to make healthy changes, don’t hesitate to contact Studio R Aesthetics. I highly recommend the HRT, Peptide, and semaglutide therapies.

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