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Men's Health and Wellness

Studio R Wellness is a branch of Studio R Aesthetics focused on men's health. Dr. Itri specializes in anti-aging and wellness practices that help men look and feel their best. He offers a full range of treatments that include:

  • Hormone replacement with testosterone
  • Medical weight loss
  • Peptides such as Ipamorelin and PBC-157
  • Hair restoration
  • Sexual rejuvenation.

He offers private consultations for patients to discuss their challenges and concerns so that he can develop a personalized treatment plan for you to meet your goals.

Dr. Itri began his own hormone replacement journey in his late 30's and now enjoys all the benefits of hormone replacement, medical weight loss, and peptide therapy. He knows what it feels like to be low T and how simple and easy it is to treat this common condition. The treatments he offers have been clinically proven to improve quality of life through optimizing hormones.

The New You Plan:

  • Meet with Dr. Itri to discuss challenges and goals
  • Create a customized plan together 
  • Start your transformation and see results within 4-6 weeks

Are you ready to regain your confidence and energy?

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