Radiesse volume-increasing facial filler can help you look years younger by reducing not just wrinkles and creases but also hollows and hands – all during a quick lunch break! Most of our patients at Studio R Aesthetics notice significant results right away and are able to enjoy the youthful effects for up to two years. Radiesse has long-term benefits that may help you avoid getting re-injected. In the long run, compared to other dermal fillers, these advantages save you money and time.

The Radiesse dermal filler is the best option for correcting overall facial contouring. Without invasive surgery or scarring, it may restore a healthy, youthful appearance, enhance your current features, help you defy age and gravity, and boost your confidence. Radiesse dermal filler is a water-based gel containing calcium microspheres suspended in it.

Dr. Segura uses Radiesse injections to treat the following areas :

As with hyaluronic acid fillers, there are very few known side effects. There’s practically no danger of an allergic reaction, and the most frequent adverse effects are mild swelling and bruising.



Starting at $900


Starting at $900

Body Skin Tightening

Starting at $900

Booty Enhancement

Starting at $1800

Radiesse FAQs

Radiesse is a facial filler that contains calcium hydroxyapatite suspended in a water-based gel. The lifting capability of this cream is perfect for increasing volume and shape in the temples, cheeks, and chin areas.
Radiesse injections have an immediate effect and may last up to a year or longer in certain patients. The condition of the skin determines the length of time that filler correction is required to be treated, the injection technique utilized, and the speed with which the patient’s body breaks down the filler.
Bruising is possible, plan for 2 weeks ahead of any events/vacations.
There might be minor side effects, such as bruising or mild swelling, easily hidden with cosmetics. To prevent bruising, avoid taking medicines and supplements such as baby aspirin and fish oil.
Most of Dr. Segura’s patients claim that there is little or no discomfort during treatment. You may get a numbing cream if needed.
Radiesse immediately restores volume to even out the signs of aging after injection. In many patients, the natural-looking effects may be apparent for a year or longer, depending on the client.

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