Using Semaglutide to Prevent Weight Gain and Bad Habits: Another Success Story

Semaglutide results for weight loss in men

“An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure”   – Benjamin Franklin

There has been considerable talk about how effective semaglutide and other GLP-1 receptor agonists (Wegovy, Ozempic, tirzepatide) are at helping patients achieve significant weight loss, but there is a new use on the horizon that will become much more popular in the coming months and year – PREVENTION!

Medications like semaglutide are powerful appetite suppressants that also blunt the addiction quality of certain foods that help patients lose more than 15% of their body weight over a relatively short period of time. These medications can significantly decrease weight, improve insulin sensitivity, decrease hemoglobin A1C, reduce the body’s setpoint, and improve lipid profiles in diabetics. But let me ask you this – wouldn’t it be better not to experience weight gain or develop diabetes in the first place?  What if I told you this once a week subcutaneous injection could help you prevent weight gain and bad habits before they ever start? 

This is how I’ve been using semaglutide for the last 10 weeks. Late last year I used our 10 week semaglutide treatment plan to lose 17 pounds, ending on January 15th (Read the blog). My weight was steady until the last week of February, when I started to put some weight back on. It was my intention to put on weight – I was done cutting and started working with a trainer to put on muscle. I also added the peptide CJC-1295/Ipamorelin to my regimen. 

I started to notice my food choices becoming less healthy and my late night snacking picking up momentum. At first I would think “it’s ok I need extra calories to gain muscle”, but that’s how the mind tricked me into snacking. I could see that I was starting to develop bad habits again. So I started taking semaglutide at the lowest dose of 10 units on March 5th, then increased to 20 units on April 2nd.  

I have been on 20 units of semaglutide a week since that time and my overall weight has been rock steady. I can feel it suppress my appetite so I don’t overeat. I drink less alcohol because I feel full earlier and it prevents me from continuing to drink. Most importantly, I don’t snack after dinner anymore. Since I use a biometric scale, I can see that my body composition is changing – I am replacing fat with muscle. I believe this is the future of semaglutide use and I can tell you there are quite a few people out there doing exactly the same. I have not had to increase the dose because it is providing enough suppression to help me stay on track. And I don’t have any of the nausea I had during the initial 10 week treatment. Staying fit and healthy has never been this easy. 

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