What is Radiesse? Why Is It Used & How Long Does It Last?


Throughout the years, Radiesse people who encounter the signs of aging aim to look younger and fresher. Indeed, healthy and youthful skin can make you happy and motivated in life. There’s no exact thing as feeling a spirited vibe and the freedom from aging. 

If you are experiencing this phase in life where wrinkles and fine lines are a problem, this post can help you. Have you ever heard of Radiesse? If not, this is the best time to know more about this treatment. See how it can help you eliminate those wrinkles and heal on an adequate period. 

What is Radiesse?

Radiesse is a type of injectable filler used to plump those folded and wrinkled parts of your skin. Usually, Radiesse gets inserted in the face. The filler helps in stimulating occurring collagen under your skin. The treatment works in an instant and can last for two years. It is one of the best choices for dermal fillings in the world of aesthetics.

With Radiesse, you can look years younger by decreasing the wrinkles on your face. But the magic of this filler does not only work within the beginning. It can also help you eliminate those wrinkles in your hand and hollow them out. Pretty impressive, right?

And mind you, these can all happen within a quick lunch break! Most patients who undergo Radiesse see significant outcomes right away. Each of these individuals is happy and can enjoy all the youthful glow they want to achieve. 

What’s great about this injectable filler is that it can help you avoid getting re-injected. That means you won’t need another session for continuous treatment, unlike other fillers. That reason itself gives you a huge advantage in saving time and money. So, it’s an excellent cause to have this treatment for yourself!

More About Radiesse

Suppose you wish to know what part Radiesse works in the surrounding skin on your mouth and nose. However, some people would like to put the filler around the wrinkled area in their hands. 

The procedure works by some tiny needles administered under your skin. Radiesse’s ingredients are non-allergenic, non-toxic, and compatible with your body’s organic tissue. 

Ideal Candidates

The best and ideal candidates for the treatment are adults between the ages of 35 to 60. Specifically, people who have wrinkles and folds around their nose and mouth are the priority of all. Thus, those individuals who want the skin on their hands to have a plump are also suitable for treatment. 

At times, people who also experience fat loss in their facial part because of HIV infection are welcome for the process. Still, it would be fine to consult your doctor first about this matter. It’s always your health and safety at risk for possible solutions. 

Note that Radiesse filler is the most acceptable option for improving facial contouring. You don’t have to go through any scarring or invasive surgery for the process to happen. In short, it can help you restore a youthful and healthy appearance with minimal pain. 

You can enhance your current facial features and help you boost your confidence more. For your information, Radiesse is a water-based gel. It has a component that contains calcium microspheres suspended on it. 

Radiesse Procedure

Your healthcare provider will inject the filler in their hub while utilizing local anesthesia. Some would not use anesthesia because they have a high pain tolerance. But for most clients, their doctor would recommend using one. 

Remember that even if there’s anesthesia, you may still experience a bit of discomfort in the area of injection. An FDA-approved ingredient, Lidocaine, goes with Radiesse infusion to help ease the pain you may feel during the process. 

You’ll see your doctor first determining what part of your facial (or hands) needs to receive the filler. Then, they will apply antiseptic to the areas where you will get treated. Next, your physician will decide on the dosage you’ll take. For the most part, the process can last for about 15 minutes. 

But it will depend on how many injections you will need. The good part is that you don’t need to spend hours recovering. After the method, you can go home or go straight to your office. Fast and easy. 

Results & Effectiveness

Radiesse quickly restores all the volume and even out your aging signs after injection. That means most clients see the effect immediately. You can obtain this natural-looking glow after the procedure. 

However, its effectiveness or its duration can run for about a year or longer. It will depend on how your skin will take the filler. It would be best to consult your doctor or provider in such matters.

Cost of The Treatment

The cost of Radiesse can go up to $650 to $800 for each of the syringes used. However, the price can vary depending on how many injections you need. Your physician can identify the number of injections conditional on how many areas your face needs.

There’s also another factor that you need to consider for the cost. That is the dosage that you’ll need to have per injection. And because of these reasons, somehow, it can be hard to estimate your costs for Radiesse. So, it would be best to have your initial consultation with your trusted provider. 

Remember that this injectable filler is an elective cosmetic treatment. That means your insurance will not cover these injectable treatments at all. For best terms, you may want to get an accurate estimation of the price straight from your doctor. Then, if the cost is out of your budget, you can reassess with your doctor. 

Some would provide initial help and assistance in terms of finances. It would be best to have someone that can help you with your goals and finances as well. All in all, good luck with your journey, and may you get the best treatment you deserve!

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