Why are Medical Grade Products Better than Over the Counter Products?

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Are you looking for skincare and a sunscreen system to keep your skin young-looking and protected? Hundreds of over-the-counter products are advertised to protect your skin and be less expensive than medical-grade products. Could you not listen to them? Here are five reasons medical-grade skin care is better than over-the-counter.

The first thing you need to know is the FDA breaks skincare products into two categories: cosmetic (over the counter) and medical grade. Cosmetic skin care products can be found just about anywhere Walgreens, Walmart, or Target, to name a few. On the other hand, pharmaceutical or medical-grade skin care products can only be found in dermatology offices, medical spas, or businesses that operate under a physician’s license.

Five Reasons to Use Medical Grade Products


Over-the-Counter Products do not provide any consultations or advice for their products. When you purchase medical-grade skin care products, professionals and aestheticians are trained to evaluate, customize, and recommend appropriate products for your skin conditions. Trained professionals work closely with clients to ensure they get the right products to enhance their skin conditions. In addition, professional skincare aestheticians can recommend products with a higher level of active ingredients, and they have a license to sell products that the FDA recognizes.

Higher Concentration of Active Ingredients

Medical Grade Skincare is better than over-the-counter because these products contain more of what your skin needs to stay healthy and improve. Changes to the skin can only be done with active ingredients. Active ingredients are why you buy a product. If you are trying to get rid of acne, you want to ensure there is a high percentage of the ingredient used to treat acne. The concentration of active ingredients is limited in over-the-counter products and can cause harmful reactions.

It is difficult to know and control how much of each ingredient your skin receives in over-the-counter products. The concentration of each ingredient is important for safety concerns but also plays a huge role in what the product can do for you.

Medical Grade Skincare Products Go Deep into your Skin

You may think your over-the-counter products work well, but they only work on the superficial layer of your skin or the epidermis. For example, if you purchase an anti-aging serum from Walmart, it will feel great for the first month, but if you question why your wrinkles do not seem to fade away as the advertising promised, you are only trying products that do not go deep into your skin.

Products need to penetrate down to deeper layers of skin and go below the surface to the dermis. The dermis is filled with the cells that create collagen and elastin, and medical-grade products can get to the dermis. Medical grade products are formulated to get down to the dermis to stimulate actual cell transformation and collagen formulation. In medical-grade products, you have active ingredients like hyaluronic acid, retinol, and vitamin C. Using a medical-grade product will allow you to see actual changes.

More for Your Money

You are always told that medical-grade skincare products are too expensive. Is your skin worth expensive? Medical-grade skincare products have higher concentrations of working ingredients, penetrating deeper to deliver quicker and superior results. You do not need to use tons of medical-grade products, and the product generally lasts longer. You will see real change in your skin using a medical-grade product.

Think about it. It has been proven you don’t need to purchase medical-grade products as often as OTC products. You may think OTC products are cheaper, but in the end, you will thank your aesthetician for their recommendation.

Beware of purchasing medical-grade products from a third-party seller. Several years ago, Skinceuticals discovered that almost a million dollars of their products were being sold through Amazon and other sellers. They found that almost 90% of these products were counterfeit and not stored properly. The conclusions? Be wary of third-party sellers who are advertising supposedly medical-grade products at less than believable prices.


Medical-grade skincare companies invest tons of time and money into the science behind the products they develop. They spend years researching to back up their claims, and the FDA verifies clinical research before they approve a product. You can feel good knowing that medical-grade products will do what they claim they do. Over-the-counter products are not part of this rigorous testing process. Trust your aesthetician! Avoid OTC products with crazy claims.

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